‘Chilwell’ returns to first team training

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Ben Chilwell returned to first-team training at Chelsea for the first time after months of surgery due to surgery.

The England star has been in treatment since November. After suffering a knee injury in the Champions League clash with Juventus.

at first, Chilwell hoped to not need surgery but eventually need to go through the knife. And expected to have a long break until the end of the season There is also a problem with covid. The UFABET report

The left-back has been sidelined with a knee injury since November. Picked up in the 4-0 demolition of Juventus in the Champions League.

Having initially hoped to avoid surgery. Chilwell went under the knife a month later. Following further delays due to contracting Covid, and was promptly ruled out for the season.

It’s been a long road back for Chilwell since, but two weeks training with the academy sees the left-back on course for a return during pre-season and on Tuesday he linked up with his first-team team-mates on the Cobham pitches.

Two weeks of training with the academy have allowed Chilwell to recover on schedule. For pre-season and today (Tuesday) he returned to first-team training for the first time.

The 25-year-old received a round of applause from his Blues teammates for returning to training today. including receiving a hug from Thomas Tuchel, the team’s manager

Chilwell was in good form before the injury. After securing a starting place, the left wing-back has contributed three goals and one assist in six Premier League games.

His injury prompted Tuchel to add more left-backs as only Marcos Alonso was left with no players left in the end.