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Dummy rules, rules for the rules of playing dummy cards. There will be a major part that is the number of players you need to know. How many people can play and besides. You Should know various details about card points, terminology for playing cards SA Gaming is different from slots and deduction of card points as well. in order to understand and used in the process of playing properly What will the details be? Let’s go see.

card points

For counting the points of each dummy card. There will be different values. which will be divided into 4 categories as follows:

The first category 

is the cards 2♠2♥2♦/3♠3♥3♦3♣/4♠4♥4♦4♣/5♠5♥5♦5♣/6♠6♥6♦6♣/ 7♠. 7♥7♦7♣ 8♠8♥8♦8♣/9♠9♥9♦9♣ is worth 5 points each.

The second category 

is cards 10♠10♥10 10/J♠J♥J♦J♣/Q♥QQ♣/K♠K♥K♦K♣, each card is worth 10 points.

The third category 

is the cards A♠A♥A♦A♣, all colors are worth 15 points each.

The fourth category 

is the spate 2♣ clubs and Q♠ spades, the highest value is 50 points.

Now that you know the points of each card, let’s learn about the vocabulary. used in playing cards

Vocabulary in playing dummy cards

As for the terms used in playing dummy cards, it will be as follows.

1. Occurrence 

when any player Collect cards from the baccarat, baccarat formula, and turn the cards on the table. There are 2 forms of birth, namely Tong and Sort.

2. A deposit 

is to connect at least one card (deposit card) from the set that has already been “born” on the table. Whether it’s another player’s birth set or of their own birth set. By depositing the cards It will not affect the game or the score. It’s just a deposit. At the end of the game, we will bring the cards that we deposited. Keep counting the scores as usual.

3. Head 

Card The earliest card that emerges as a midfield after being dealt is called the Head Card. Which is worth 50 points . If the Head Card is a spate, it is worth 100 points.

4. Pi head  

is if the item in the middle has a head card 6♠, this head card will have 5♠ 7♠ 8♠ (linear suit) and 6♣ 6 6♥ (three suit), which is the card. That can be combined with the head card. Then arrange a set of cards that are born and if any player drop. This head and then there are other play collect cards to be born. The player who dropped the headpiece will be deducted 50 points.

5. Knocking 

is when one of the players has drawn or picked up a card from the pot. set in a tong set or have all sorted leaving only one card in the hand and turn the last card face down Considered that that player is the winner or called “knock” itself.

6. Dark knocking 

is if any player can “knock” without being “born” at all, which is drawn from the draw pile only. or collecting cards from the center and immediately “knocked” without being “born” before, that player is considered “dark knock”

7. Falling of the building 

is any player who has not been “born”. And the other player “knocked” is considered that player has fallen off the building.

8. Stupid hit 

if any player discards a card. and the next player. Come to connect until the card is complete and knock, will call the person. Who discards the card to the other person to knock that fool and that player. Will have to pay stupid fees around. The circle and the amount to be wasted It’s up to the rules of that band. How much will it cost, and in addition, there is a stupid cost. For those who have a spate in hand too UFABET