England will play against Brazil and Belgium early next year.

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England will play against Brazil and Belgium early next year.

England confirms the kickoff schedule that football fans have waiting for. For example, competing against world-class powerhouses like Brazil and Belgium in a friendly match with the national team. early next year. Report from สมัคร ufabet

The English Football Association (FA) has announced the confirmation of the kickoff schedule that football fans have been waiting for. For example, making an appointment for England to face world-class powerhouses like Brazil and Belgium in a friendly match between the national teams. early next year To prepare for the Euro 2024 final round in the middle of the year.

The “Roaring Lions” in Gareth Southgate’s team have performed well in the last several tournaments. But it is noted at the same time that They are quite lacking in experience against world-class strong teams. As a result, when important games arrive in the knockout tournament round. It didn’t work out at all.

Results from meeting with the big teams in the final round.

There are often visible problems. It’s different from meeting a lower grade team. Down among the qualifying rounds that England passed easily.

An important example is in this Euro 2024 qualifying round, where England won 5 and drew 1 in a group with Italy, Ukraine, North Macedonia and Malta as group mates. Until guaranteed passage to the final round in Germany It has been arranged since the beginning. The remaining program has 2 more matches.

Recently, it seems that the FA has realized this problem as well. Therefore, the queue for playing against teams in the top 5 FIFA world rankings, both Brazil and Belgium, has been confirmed for the beginning of next year, March 2024.

Both matches will be played at Wembley Stadium in London, with England meeting Brazil on March 23 and followed by Belgium on March 26.

England will face Malta and North Macedonia in their remaining two Euro 2024 qualifying games later this month. After that, the national team queue will be on hiatus for a long time. Until March next year, that will be a secret game against Brazil and Belgium.