‘Henderson’ made a joke, may call ‘Stevie’ to encourage the boat capsized

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Jordan Henderson, Liverpool’s veteran captain He joked that he might call Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard as a Reds legend. before the off-season To help stop Manchester City’s brace,

Liverpool will continue to maintain hopes of winning the Premier League until the end of the season. After breaking through to beat Southampton 2-1 successfully on Thursday night.

They are now one point behind Manchester City, which means that Unless they had to try to beat the Wolves. at Anfield There is also a need for Aston Villa to help make history turn the sailing team to the Etihad Stadium

after the game at St Mary’s, Henderson had the opportunity to interview Sky staff. Sports, he joked that May call senior Gerrard to help defeat Manchester City This coming Sunday

Asked about his chances of winning the Premier League, Hendo recalled the final day of the 2018-19 season at Liverpool. I hope that Manchester City Will score a point away in Brighton’s final game of the season.

But in the end, after the home team fired 1-0 up, the sailors revved up to overtake Brighton 4-1 to win the title in the end.

“It’s very difficult” Henn. Anderson said, The UFABET report

“We’ve seen this before. when they played away to Brighton They scored one goal up to Manchester City and then the fans in the stadium cheered. you know what happened It’s hard to concentrate on the game. Hope we can experience that. We learn from it and focus on what we want.”

“I might call Stevie this week. I hope he can help us.”

In addition to Gerrard, in the Aston Villa squad are Danny Ings and Philippe Coutinho, which Reds fans I secretly hope that They will help the old team to have a chance to win 4 trophies in history.